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Because you want the best for your child.

Learning, having fun and making friends.

A place they will be safe, happy, and cared for by people you can trust.

About Us

We believe that investing in a child’s development from the earliest age is the single most important contribution we can make to ensure their future success

Providing Excellence in Early Childhood Education since 1964

Our Child Care Philosophy

The Jack and Jill School provides a safe, warm and nurturing environment where the developmental needs, interests and maturity levels of children from 2 to 6 years old are met. It is our intention, through a balance of child-directed activities and developmentally appropriate curricula, that children will develop a positive self-image as they experience the joys and challenges of engaging in life experiences that help them learn and develop the skills needed for future academic success. Our professional early childhood educators create learning environments that are relevant, meaningful, and open ended to encourage hands-on exploration, experimentation and discovery. Children can be creative and practice social and problem-solving skills as they interact with their peers in many of the thematic and free play areas found in the school. From building blocks to books, puppets to paper, messy art to musical instruments, imaginative play to interactive games, exploring the great outdoors to experiencing the wonders of nature, there are endless activities that can engage the children’s interest and stimulate their minds. Social and emotional development are both supported and strengthened through family and intergenerational involvement. We believe that parents, caregivers, grandparents, siblings and teachers are all partners in each child’s care and education. We understand that each child is unique, and we work closely with their family to help them grow and develop to their fullest potential. We are inspired by each child’s passion and natural curiosity and we are honored to be part of their extended family!

Our mission is to enrich children’s lives with opportunities to explore and develop their unique abilities by engaging them in age-appropriate activities that will enhance their cognitive, social, physical and emotional development.

At Jack and Jill School, we believe that a high quality educational program provides a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment that offers multiple opportunities to enhance children’s learning across all developmental domains. We implement our program with the attention to the different needs, interests, and development levels of each child. We believe each child is a unique person and that our adult interaction with them should be responsive to the individual differences of each child. Our Goal is that our school is one in which: *Each child is valued, supported and celebrated for their own ability to engage in, interact with, express themselves, create, experience, explore, and learn about the world around them. *Each family is valued, supported and celebrated for its commitment to work and home, as well as their ability to interact, teach, play and dream with their children. * Each early childhood educator is valued, supported and celebrated for their commitment to continuing education and their passion and delight for teaching children.

We intend to make your Preschool and Pre-K experience and the time your child and family spends with us the very best possible.

Our Early Childhood Educators ensure that developmental skills and concepts learned by young children through interaction and play are constantly reinforced and extended. Each child possesses the natural ability to wonder and has the desire to learn about the world around them. We nurture this wonder in children by creating an environment that allows them to interact freely, play, explore and make choices. As their learning process unfolds, our Early Childhood Educators assume multiple roles:


by expressing their ideas, concerns and interests, children are constantly giving us clues on how we can better help them enrich their knowledge. We are responsive to each child’s needs and engage in open ended discussion with them about their ideas and thoughts.


through observations we can identify and help guide children to build upon previous learning to further develop their abilities. Parallel to this process, we encourage them to expand their knowledge by experiencing and exploring new domains.


based on the information we gather through listening, discussing, and observing, we immerse ourselves in the process of finding the best resources available to cultivate children’s emergent interests and support their independence, competence, and confidence in their abilities to explore, take risks, problem solve and be successful.


Using our research, we select the most appropriate strategies to support and enhance children’s learning across all developmental domains (Social and Emotional, Language Development and Emergent Literacy, Cognitive, Physical Development and Health, Creative Expression and Aesthetic Appreciation).

” Tell me and I forget.  Teach me and I remember. 

Involve me and I learn”    Benjamin Franklin

Jack and Jill Early Education Programs


Our exceptional early childhood educators are a diverse, highly trained group with Associate’s or Bachelor’s degrees in Early Childhood, Master’s Degrees in Early Childhood or Elementary Education and have many years of early childhood experience.  They are committed to quality improvement and staying abreast of the latest discoveries in early childhood education; attending multiple seminars and workshops exceeding the state licensing requirements. Educating children is part of their heart and soul; they have a passion to work with young minds and educate children as they grow as a teacher.  They always make school an exciting and fun place where children are engaged and excited about what they are learning! They are honored to be able to meet and work with so many wonderful and diverse families with whom they form a lasting bond.  They cherish the time they spend with all of the families and they know as partners in education what they are instilling in children at this very early age will be the foundation with which each child builds their future.

Miss Tammie


Miss Kim



Early Preschool

Miss Deb

Executive Director

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Program Admin



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Extended Care Preschool

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Extended Care Preschool

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Extended Care Preschool


“Planting the Seeds of Success”  

“As parents, we entrusted our greatest blessings to the staff at Jack and Jill, and we will be forever grateful for the loving care and guidance they received. The teachers and director look at each child as an individual, with their own strengths and needs. Our kids where blessed with awesome teachers who understood their challenges and handled them with grace. We feel that their time at Jack and Jill had given them the opportunity to experience that learning is fun at an early age. This was important as a baseline for their current success (both are high honor students) as they continue their academic careers. We can’t thank the loving staff enough for the memories and care they provided to our children.”

Julie & Aaron Lord, April 2018

“Investing In Children”

“I researched 9 preschools in the area for my twins, and J&J just stood out miles above the rest! They have a clean & stimulating facility, & Miss Vanessa (director/teacher), and all of their teachers are the nicest, friendliest people you could ever meet. My boy/girl twins have simply blossomed & thrived over the past 2 yrs, and I know they are beyond ready to start, and succeed at kindergarten next fall. They also offer a summer fun camp program, so you can get your little one accustomed to the school & staff before the new school year begins (which we did, as it was their first time away from home, & mama).”

Lisa Grover Paglio May 2017

“Engaging and Inspiring Lifelong Learners”

“Both my kids went to Jack and Jill, great school!! Always fun and a great learning environment.”

Steve Tolley March 2016

“Building a Foundation for Future Success”

“I just wanted to let you know that our son did great at his Kindergarten screening yesterday! I wanted to make it a point to write and tell you how pleased the teacher was to see a child that was so proficient with letters, numbers, etc. When she asked where he currently attends school, and I told her Jack and Jill, she was elated. She said she gets “very excited” when they have children that come from “that school”. She proceeded to talk about how well you are teaching these kids and how prepared they are for when they enter the public schools. You guys are doing such a great job… and we appreciate it!”

Cherishe Chesley 2014

We make every effort to keep you informed of all aspects of your child’s daily schedule and activities. A monthly newsletter and calendar is sent home with highlights of the months activities and projects. Teachers are always available to discuss questions and concerns you may have regarding your child.